A good network of roads, sturdy sanitation systems, commercial and residential buildings, parks and sports ground, are all features of a healthy and happy economy. But before these could be constructed or laid out, there is a lot ground work involved – literally! And to undertake such serious work, in which the foundation of an entire country exists, you need experts.

Our clients swear by our efficiency and professionalism of handling the following services:


Earthworks is an engineering work that finds its use in civil and military purposes. Excavation, trenching, tunnelling, stripping, etc. are many of the projects that are undertaken at Al Ahbar.

Demolition Work

A demolition is tearing apart a building/wall/tunnel that is no longer required. Demolition is different from deconstruction. We do both mechanical and manual demolition using our experienced workforce and latest technologies.

Supply of Earthworks Filling Materials

Trenching and holes are part of a big construction dream. But it will not be complete until it’s filled. Hence we either use the same soil or material that we excavated for building trenches to fill the hole or make sure that we source it from our resource and get the job done.


De-watering is one of the important processes if the construction is involved in the area where the ground water level is high or in a riverbed.

Road Works

One of the most important means of communication or commutation is the road. Without it, nobody and nothing could go from one place to another. Road is the major carrier of development of the nation as its network interconnects one place/culture/economy with another.

Sheet Piling

Once de-watered the ground needs a strong support either permanent or temporary. With the use of interlocking steel sheet piles we can create a continuous wall.

Hiring of Heavy Equipment

Most often than not people look in awe at the huge cranes, cement mixers, road-rollers, JCBs and the likes which adorn the construction sites.

Pipeline and Trench Works

Gas, water, sewage, oil, etc. all need pipeline connection. A sturdy connection without any faults and leaks is what that helps in safe and speedy transportation of the gas or fluids.